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    THE inquest proceedings into the death of 15-month-old Nour Rania Asyifaa Yuseri, known as Baby Syifa, at a care centre in Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negri Sembilan, will begin at the Coroner’s Court, on September 22.

    Judge Rushan Lutfi Mohamed set three days for the inquest proceedings – September 22, and November 10 and 17 – when the case came up for mention today.

    The inquest to determine the cause of the toddler’s death was to begin today, but it was postponed after the coroner was reported to be unavailable.

    Meanwhile, judge Rushan also issued an interim order, following an application by deputy public prosecutor Husni Fairos Ramly as the inquest handling officer, to stop the victim’s father, Yuseri Yusoff, from making or sharing any comments on social media related to the role of the court, lawyers and police, to ensure *** ooth running of the inquest’s proceedings.

    “The court orders Yuseri Yusoff to not make any comments or share information or documents on the media social or any other media on the case until it is disposed off,” said the judge.

    On February 24, the media reported that Baby Syifa was found unconscious with her head entangled in a cloth cradle at a childcare centre.

    She was earlier fed milk and then left to sleep in the cloth cradle by a babysitter. – Bernama, June 29, 2022.

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